Casual Elegance. Produced with Conscience.

        Kyra and Bree: the Vermeulen & Co. Team           

 Kyra and Bree: the Vermeulen & Co. Team

Born to the land, born to the sea.  Kyra grew up amongst the tall grasses of Northern California and on the Pacific Ocean aboard her father's fishing boat. The waves were as free and solid as her youth.  She learned to sew on her Grandmother's treadle sewing machine and the value of independence and hard work from her parents.

Bree was raised in the heart of Silicon Valley watching the apricot trees disappear in the name of progress.  She dreamed of wearing a suit every day and talked her mother into purchasing one for her at age 8.  She also ate apricots from her yard all summer.

Their two lives converged in the costume department of the American Conservatory Theater where they slowly became fast friends. From that launching point Kyra went on to earn her MBA focusing on sustainable fashion, and gain years of hands on experience in the business and finance end of the clothing industry.  Bree worked as a stylist, costume designer and in the production end of garment manufacturing.  They founded Vermeulen & Co. together in 2011.

Vermeulen & Co. is the perfect synergy between studied design and luxurious detail. With a strong focus on fit, garments are created for a woman with curves, whether she's a size 2 or 18.  

Collections are borne from their commitment to Slow Fashion. It’s about choosing quality over quantity. It's about valuing yourself, others and our planet in the choices you make. It's about slowing down enough from your life in motion to savor the present.


Each Vermeulen & Co. piece has been designed with the tenets of Slow Fashion in mind, and meets two or more of the following standards:

  • We Manufacture in the Oakland Bay Area and personally know everyone who cuts and sews our clothing.

  • Each item is part of a limited run or produced to order.

  • Built-in alterability (most of our pants have extra seam allowance).

  • Fabrics: We focus on natural fibers including organic cotton, hemp, Tencel, linen and silk, as well as upcycled fabrics (ex. recycled hemp) and reclaimed fabrics (aka vintage deadstock, mill-end, designer-end, or reclaimed fabrics).

  • Lower-footprint care post-purchase: cold water wash or hand wash, hang dry.

  • We avidly recycle and upcycle studio and office materials. Fabric remnants are recycled or donated for reuse.

  • Buttons made of natural materials such as shell, horn, or tagua nut.

  • Minimal packing materials are used when shipping or delivering items.