Naturally Pigmented Cotton

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Did you know that cotton could grow in colors?  Originally khaki from India wasn’t dyed at all, it was made using light brown cotton.  Cotton crops have been cultivated to be the cream color you're familiar with.  In 1982 Sally Fox began cultivating naturally pigmented cotton in her yard in California.  She still cultivates cotton, but now it’s on the scale of hundreds of thousands of plants a year.  While colored cotton is a native plant, before her work the staple length was too short for commercial spinning.  She has doubled the length by selecting for that trait.  Even more interesting, she noticed that several of the colors are naturally fire resistant.  She is now cultivating for that property.  Nature is a true wonder.

There are currently six distinct shades grown, all in the green and brown families.  When the cotton is already colored, the issue of toxic dye is mute.

We had a chance to see it growing in the fields last Autumn.  It was beautiful.

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Italian Wardrobe

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A few years ago it was described to me how an Italian woman builds a wardrobe.  It is a careful selection of high quality, well made items (often made in Italy) which flatter their own body type.  The pieces are classic enough to last decades with enough flair to be special.  Each garment is an investment.

Whether that rings true to the Italians in the group or not, I love the sentiment.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a closet with less, but better.  Wouldn't it be great if it were all organized and easy to find in your closet.  I was reminded of this while reading Miss Cliche's blog the other day and the entry titled "Maximize your closet space".

It was inspiring.  So was the way she managed to get rid of 40% of her belongings!

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Vermeulen & Co. web shop has launched!

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Dear Friends,
We are so pleased to announce the launch of our online shop, located at  Beautiful clothing that fits your lifestyle, and your curves, in Sizes 4-16.
We offer free shipping (both ways), to make your online shopping experience a breeze.  Please check out our site, and spread the word to friends and family.  
We have more designs in the works, so check back regularly.  
Your support means the world to us!
-Kyra and Bree
The Vermeulen & Co. Team
Vintage Vermeulen: Black Shell Top with White Leaf Print

Vintage Vermeulen:
Black Shell Top with White Leaf Print

Photo by Tristan Crane

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Vintage Vermeulen

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We’re starting Vintage Vermeulen!  This is a line of very limited edition garments and accessories made with dead stock vintage elements.
First off is a batch of sleeveless tops made in quantities of just 1-4.  These gorgeous prints and textures will look great under your favorite cardigan or blazer.  Pair them with slacks or belt them with a skirt.

Vintage Vermeulen Shell fabrics

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Circle Skirt

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We’ve reworked the classic circle skirt for the modern woman.  Our version is sleek and pared down (3/4 circle, actually) and has a handy pocket, because we don’t carry our purse around the office.

The cutting is complete, now let the stitching commence!

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