A modern classic: Vermeulen & Co.'s Pencil Pants

Posted on October 30, 2014 by Bree Hylkema | 0 Comments

There's a reason Vermeulen & Co.'s pencil pants have become a classic.  It's not just the ultra slimming design lines.  It's not only that you can wear them anywhere.  The front pocket details are simply a bonus.
It's that you can wear them all day as comfortably as your best loved pair of jeans while looking sharp.  That 5% stretch on the back and side panels highlight your curves in just the right way.
We don't just make these pants, we wear them too.  In fact, we wear them a lot.

Here they are enjoying the orchid collection at the Jardin Botanico in Mexico City.  These pencil pants have been out on the town all day.  In a few minutes I'm taking them out for a delicious meal with friends.
Consider taking your own pair to dinner!
Currently available in 3 color ways: http://bit.ly/VandCoPencilPants
Try on a pair at our open house on November 16th:
American Steel Studios
1960 Mandela Parkway, Oakland 94607 (entrance on 20th St.)
Join us for light snacks, drinks, shopping, and fun.  1-5pm.

RSVP here

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