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Dear Friends,

Today we bring big news.  This is the official launch of our Message in a Bottle Collection! 

Once, messages were sent in bottles and traveled the vast oceans before, hopefully, washing ashore.  Even Columbus sent word of the New World across the waters in a bottle.  People have also used balloons, carrier pigeons and telegrams.  

While our methods have changed, we all send messages: text messages, emails, postcards written from a seaside cafe to loved ones back home.  Whether we're aware of it or not, we also convey messages with what we wear.  What do you want your outfit to say?

 Photography: Joyce Pedersen, Model: Laura Burns-Lambert

This season we offer a new garment each week beginning today with the Horizon Dress.  It tells a story of soft and luscious fabrics and an elegant, graceful ease.  It truly does dress up and down, taking you to work, a party, a lakeside stroll, or any other adventure.  It flatters a variety of figures, and is available in three individual color ways.

Photography: Becca Henry, Model: Anastasia Bachykala, Makeup: Vanessa Castro  

Let these old methods of communication spark your imagination, as they have ours.  And, let us all usher in a future where we value our fellow planet mates, our local communities and the pleasure of a quality garment.

View the details for the black / red version, as well as the chocolate / gold version, here

If you’re interested in the striped version, send us a message at, or send word via carrier pigeon.

Studio Open House:
View the entire collection in person
at American Steel Studios on May 3rd from 1-5pm.
(1960 Mandela Parkway, Oakland, CA 94607)


Visit us at American Steel for the Art Murmur this Friday, March 6th from 6-9pm.

Until next week,

Kyra and Bree

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A Message in a Bottle coming your way starting March 3rd!

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